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Window Valance

August 4, 2011

A window valance is a kind of window treatment that the upper part of window covering and can be hung or combined with blinds or curtains. Valances for windows are a popular choice in decorative curtains hiding hardware. Window valances were popular in the Victorian interior. Bunting or drape in the form they are often referred to as swag.

Types of window valances

Balloon valances: The question of “balloon” from valance to give a warm atmosphere. Balloon valances are generally made of lightweight cotton material.

Swag valances: The substance of this valance and curtains hanging in brackets at the top of a window, with the tails hanging down on either side. Almost every type of fabric can be used. When a lightweight or sheer fabric is used, this is called a scarf valance.

Ascot valances: The substance of this valance are triangular shapes that hang over curtains or draperies. These cascades are often made of more complex materials, including silk or velvet with tassels or fringe.

Italian cascades: fabric drapes the top of the window with the length of the fabric forms a curve with the shortest width in the middle of the window.


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