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What Is Thermal Compound

July 4, 2011

When high power integrated circuits (IC) such as a central processor unit (CPU) in a computer work on their full power, they generate a huge amount of heat. If there is no mechanism to cool them down they will fail, melt or explode. Heat sinks are there to help cool them down. However the surface areas on both the heatsink and the CPU are not completely flat. The uneven surfaces create air compartments that insulate the heat transfer. Thermal compound or sometimes referred as heat sink compound is a special formulated paste with thermal conduction properties that act as the filler to the small hole between the two surfaces. It help remove the air as well as help transfer heat from the CPU to the heat sink. When CPU is over heated the self-protective mechanism inside the CPU force the unit to slow down in order to reduce heat output. Heatsink compound helps the proper cooling of the CPU by increasing the efficiency of the CPU heat sink thus also improve the performance of the CPU.



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