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Yixing Tea Pots

July 2, 2011

Yixing teapots are made of red clay exclusively found in the Yixing region of Jiangsu Province. The red clay is also called “Zisha” meaning “purple sands” in Chinese. Yixing zisha teapots can trace its history back to Song dynasty. They are widely appreciated by Chinese tea connoisseurs as the best teapots to brew teas in. Each teapot is a unique item of art. A genuine Yixing teapot is individually hand made by an artist. At the bottom of the teapot, there is a signature called a “chop” indicating the name of its maker.

Besides their tea brewing function, Yixing teapots also found their way into many families as item for display for their uniqueness. To preserve the Zisha clay, the local government of Yixing has very restrictive rules to control the clay resources. This has made high quality Yixing teapots are extremely expensive, simply because it is very difficult to find any teapots using 100% Zisha clay.


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