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Vitamin B12 shortage

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins that are essential to our health. The primary source of vitamin B12 are animal products. Vegetarians and vegans eat very little or no animal products so they have to take vitamin B12 to supplement their diet. Vitamin B12 shortage can cause a lot of health problems. The symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include: skin spots, tongue with thick layer, hypersensitive tough, tiresomeness and drowsiness, behavioral changes and digestion problems.


Closet Purse Organizer

For a woman, how does she look is more important than anything. Every outfit they wear need to be accompanied by the most “apropriate” purse, shoes and accessories. This can potentially creat a storage problem espeically for their purses. Purse comes in different sizes and shapes, it can be quite hard to find a good space in the closet to neatly organize them. What you need is a good closet purse organizer. There are many different designs of these organizers. The most simple ones are a string of hooks which can be attached to the back of a closet door. These are the most popular and the cheapest options for purse organizers. You just need to hang your purse on those hooks. However not all purse have straps, if you have many of strapless purses, you need to have oraganizers with compartments, pockets so you can put your purses in them.

Window Valance

A window valance is a kind of window treatment that the upper part of window covering and can be hung or combined with blinds or curtains. Valances for windows are a popular choice in decorative curtains hiding hardware. Window valances were popular in the Victorian interior. Bunting or drape in the form they are often referred to as swag.

Types of window valances

Balloon valances: The question of “balloon” from valance to give a warm atmosphere. Balloon valances are generally made of lightweight cotton material.

Swag valances: The substance of this valance and curtains hanging in brackets at the top of a window, with the tails hanging down on either side. Almost every type of fabric can be used. When a lightweight or sheer fabric is used, this is called a scarf valance.

Ascot valances: The substance of this valance are triangular shapes that hang over curtains or draperies. These cascades are often made of more complex materials, including silk or velvet with tassels or fringe.

Italian cascades: fabric drapes the top of the window with the length of the fabric forms a curve with the shortest width in the middle of the window.

Monster High Dolls

The Monster High Dolls are a new fashion line released by Mattel – the Barbie Dolls creator in October 2010. These dolls has brought a breath of fresh air into the fashion doll market. They are inspired by famous fictional characters of monster and horror films, such as Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, Medusa, zombies and werewolves.These dolls are made from ABS plastic with a PVC soft head mold. Their bodies are articulated and arms of the dolls can be removed to make dressing them easier.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation in simple terms is having all your debts from one lender as oppose to multiple lenders at the same time. To consolidate your debts, all you need to do is look for lenders, often bigger banks, that offer consolidation programs and borrow money from them. You need to shop around for the best debt consolidation deal. However by using any consolidation program you are much better off than having debts from all over the place. First of all you have only one debt to pay for. If you owe 2000 dollars from various lenders before, you can now have a 2000 loan from just one single bank. Although the amount of debt is still the same as before, managing them is much simpler, and the likelihood that you forget a payment is rather low. Debt consolidation programs often offer cheaper rates than other credit products, by consolidating your debts you have essentially reduced the cost of your debts. And the best thing is that you are not dealing with non bank lenders any more after the switch.

What Is Thermal Compound

When high power integratedĀ circuits (IC) such as a central processor unit (CPU) in a computer work on their full power, they generate a huge amount of heat. If there is no mechanism to cool them down they will fail, melt or explode. Heat sinks are there to help cool them down. However the surface areas on both the heatsink and the CPU are not completely flat. The uneven surfaces create air compartments that insulate the heat transfer. Thermal compound or sometimes referred as heat sink compound is a special formulated paste with thermal conduction properties that act as the filler to the small hole between the two surfaces. It help remove the air as well as help transfer heat from the CPU to the heat sink. When CPU is over heated the self-protective mechanism inside the CPU force the unit to slow down in order to reduce heat output. Heatsink compound helps the proper cooling of the CPU by increasing the efficiency of the CPU heat sink thus also improve the performance of the CPU.


How Are Magazines Bound?

A magazine is typically bound by with a style called “perfect binding”. Many people who have no experience in the printing industry don’t know what that is, while they read magazines everyday. Surely you don’t need to know how to bound magazine to appreciate a magazine. But knowing how it is done can be quite fascinating. The process is rather ingenious and might be interesting to some. On this website, there is a short but informative article about it. If you are interested, go and check it out yourself.